Gia G. Dixon

747 258 6226


Name: Gia Garcia Dixon

dob: february 28. 1995

Location: los angeles, california

My areas of expertise include:

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long & short form video editing

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user experience design

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seo > 30% bounce rate

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email marketing

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etiquette > ILM certfied under royal charter of king charles iii

with fluent comprehension of business conduct

I'm proficient in:

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adobe premiere pro (certified)

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photoshop & illustrator cc

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g suite: sheets, docs, meet, gcal, forms, talk, drive, chat, and fi

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slack, voxer, DISCORD, planoly, hootsuite, later, youtube, instagram, meta + ads, pinterest + ads, CANVA, tiktok, youtube, wordpress, flodesk, shopify

Long Form Video Editing

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Robert Cauer Violins

Violin making school in mittenwald

Robert Cauer Violins

when & how to clean bow hair

Short Form Video Editing

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Grew client's brand online from scratch

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Gained over half a million new consistent monthly views on their searches

i.e. when someone types in any keyword related to classical music, client is the TOP 1-3 result(s).


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generated consistent +15% worldwide sales online through creating an automated email marketing funnel within first month of creation

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automated lead generation with daily growth of email list with 2-3 customers a day + 7% conversion rate

Email Marketing Copywrite & Design Conversion Rates

"Quiet quitting" makes me vomit.

No position is too small.

Working with a team for 8+ hours a day means working with a family. Why not make it an inviting environment?

Branding Examples

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Word on the street

Robert Cauer

Robert Cauer Violins

i appreciate the patience you have with make things easy to navigate.

213 248 9398

Joti Bugra

Beyond Health Medical Center, Roma Furniture, Mom's Chai, Hollandia Greenhouses

It's been great! [she] saves me time and energy. I don't need to micromanage her, she gets things done, understands what i need and goes for it.

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7043 macapa dr, Los angeles, ca 90068

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+1 747 258 6226